The future of Americana Rock looks bright with the rising band, Spilt Milk, taking their sound to the world. Spanning across Washington cities Mead, Colbert, and Kelso, 20-year-old lead guitarist Landon Spencer, 23-year-old Cailin Spencer, 18-year-old Samuel McQuarrie, 20-year-old Ian McTamaney, and 20-year-old James Ott have joined forces to create the band known as “Spilt Milk”. Their inception came during their tenure at high school, coming together with no intention but to be original. They represent the fire that still burns in the genre that has made countless timeless tracks and created enjoyable music for the ages. They are a band, lighthearted in nature, that wants to continue to create music. Their style is unique to each of their personalities, but they are influenced by some notable musicians such as Tom Petty, Jerry Jeff Walker, Dawes, and Creedance Clearwater Revival.

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